Happy Customer Reviews Program

$125 per month + $125 Last Month Payment MINUS $50

Happy Customer Reviews Program: $125 per month/per location. Includes:

  • Unlimited Employee Apps
  • Unlimited Text and Emails
  • Unlimited Review Requests
  • Unlimited Review Responses
  • Branded Online Dashboard
  • Business Owner Mobile App
  • Employee Reviews Tracking
  • Multiple Location Selection

Track And Respond To Your Online Reviews and Your Employees Everywhere You Go On Your Mobile App!

Here's What Is Included:
Branded Unlimited Employee Mobile Apps
Online Admin Dash Board
Reviews Tracking and Responding

Unlimited Employee Apps

Instead of management trying to get customer reviews, we activate your employees who are in direct contact with your customers. Most of the time they are better at getting reviews than even owners! Especially the younger ones! Turn them loose and watch your number of reviews soar!

Online Dash Board

Our EASY to use online dashboard allows business owners to see their reviews, send review requests, respond to reviews and manage employee apps and their review responses in real-time. You can even stream or link your reviews to your website for all to see.

Employee Tracking

Our system tracks which employees get the most reviews, who is responding to their review requests and see which customers have responded to their review requests. Great for sales contests, bonus programs or incentives! Give them a bonus and watch your reviews soar!

Business Owner App

Each business owner gets their own admin business app access so you can track your online reputation, respond to your reviews, track employee reviews, select locations and manage their online reviews in real-time on the fly!

Review Responding

Both business owners and their activated employees can see their reviews, send review requests and respond to reviews from the mobile app and from their business dashboard. Your login works on both the mobile app and the dashboard.

Gentle Reminders

Our system sends automated gentle reminders every few days to your customers who forget to leave your company a review. Your branded business panel allows you to monitor your customers progress in leaving a review and allows the business owner to modify an employees responses .