How Important Are Reviews?

For Home Services and Local Businesses Reviews Are Critical!


83% of the people searching online for a product or service stated that they would pay more for a product or service with better reviews! WOW! this tell us that your online reviews affect your bottom line!

So, how does your business’s online reviews look? If they are under a 4-Star rating, you need help BIG TIME!

A Company's Online Reviews
Can Make or Break a Local Business in No Time!

Let’s face it. No matter what type of business you are in, you need good reviews. In today’s online search-and-buy world, people are looking for the businesses with the best reviews on the products or services for which they are searching. This tells us that one of the MOST CRITICAL part of your business’s reputation is what people are saying about your business online, whether it’s true or not! In fact, the trends show, that reviews will lead over 95% of online buying decisions very soon! Here are just some of the many statistics that reviews play in the online marketplace.


Reviews Are Your Sales Force

89% of customers won’t take action before they read some reviews. Up from 72% in 2020. Turns out, as attractive as your marketing is – you need customer reviews. Big time. There’s no way around it!


Better Google Ranking

Reviews are the third most influential ranking factor for Google’s local pack! Have you noticed that the businesses that are on the top of the Google Local Pack in any category have the most reviews?


73% Of Online Shopper Say

That they don't trust reviews older than 30 days! In 2020 - 77% didn’t trust reviews older than 90/days. BIG Change! Part of why online reviews matter is because they are fresh and relevant in shoppers buying trends. STAY CURRENT!


96% of users read business's responses to reviews.

Response to good reviews shows appreciations. Not responding to bad reviews gives relevance to the complaint. Yet 63% of businesses do not respond. Response from corporate rather than local office is not personal or believable!


73% of consumers would leave a review if asked

Yeah right, I know, you asked your customers for a review and just got excuses like “I forgot”,” It’s too hard” or “I didn’t know how”. It’s frustrating asking your happy customers for reviews with no results. Here’s the secrete... it needs to be EASY for your client and your staff.


85% Trust online reviews as much as friends and family

Online review stats place customers’ reviews as the most trustworthy source of recommendations – Carrying the same weight as advice from friends and family. Medical Reviews stats even state that people trust online reviews more than a doctors referral! Wow!


52% of consumers won’t use a business with less than a 4* star rating! That's over 50%!

52% of consumers have exclusively searched for companies with more than four stars in 2021. Think about it! If you have 2 companies that have same products and price, which one would you choose? The one with the best customer reviews, of course!


83% of customers don’t trust advertising or a company's website services or products

Consumers take others experience voiced in online reviews much more than the ‘recommendations’ they see in ads. They trust the opinions of others based on their experience with a company MORE than even what is on the company's website.


91% of companies believe the company’s star rating can determine whether they win or lose a potential employee.

The majority of companies (86%) doubt the integrity of online reviews. Nevertheless, they realize the massive impact user ratings have on their business. Unfavorable customer or employee reviews can influence 90% of job seekers.

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Home Services

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Local Businesses

Local businesses rely on new customers to increase their monthly sales. Online reviews play a MAJOR Part that provides potential customers the information about a company’s products or service. We help local business protect their online reputation and make it EASY for them to get reviews! We have specialize reviews management programs for the following local businesses: